On Thorns I Lay - Deep Thoughts

On Thorns I Lay - Deep Thoughts

Дата добавления: 2017-01-08

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Текст песни On Thorns I Lay- Black cold nights

I'll stay forever with you to the gates of paradise
Never leave me alone
Before the end of years muddy pictures like a light
I cry for you my soul
Forever stay in silence how can I fly with broken wings
I'll never turn to you
Find I new desire hope will never die again
trying to move my thoughts
Black cold nights we heal our sorrows
Insane insensate for everything we see
An inglorious end of sorrow my pride to adversity
and we are crying for inauspicious moments lost in the abyss
of time tonight
I'm sinking into your fears to velvet skies of your eyes

I search falling in dreamlands fragile dreams you'll never see

Видео On Thorns I Lay- Black cold nights


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