Byron - My soul is dark

Byron - My soul is dark

Дата добавления: 2017-02-08

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Текст песни My Soul Is Dark by Lord Byron

My soul is dark Oh quickly string
The harp I yet can brook to hear
And let thy gentle fingers fling
Its melting murmous oer mine ear.
If in this heart a hope be dear,
That sound shall charm it forth again
If in these eyes there lurk a tear,
Twill flow, and cease to burn my brain.
But bid the strain be wild and deep,
Nor let thy notes of joy be first
I tell thee, minstrel, I must weep,
Or else this heavy heart will burst
For it hath been by sorrow nursed,
And ached in sleepless silence long
And now tis doomed to know the worst,
And break at once or yield to song

Видео My Soul Is Dark by Lord Byron


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